And so it begins

Those reading this who know me will say that there’s one thing that I’m never without. My keys, wallet and phone I leave behind constantly, the recent addition of reading glasses to my life is a constant source of bother and I’ve gone through more Oyster cards than I care to admit. The one thing with me at all times will be a book.

Whenever people see me reading or ask me about the book in my hands I invariably hear the same two comments. ” I should really read more ” or, ” I read a good book recently “.

It got me thinking that there’s a whole world of literary enthusiasts out there who fall into three groups. the first group can’t find the time to read. It’s hectic all the time and as sad as it is, books tend to come second (or much lower) in peoples priorities. The last thing you want is to finally settle down to read and be faced with a disappointing book.

The second group are closely linked with this. They don’t know what they like. perhaps they’ve picked up a booker prize winner and not been able to make heads or tales of it. Perhaps they’ve stuck to one author for years and don’t know where to go next.

The Final group are people like me. They love to share what they’re reading. There’s a great joy in finding someone who’s read the same book as you. Even if you have widely differing opinions about it.

This blog is all about literature. For the first two groups looking for their next read I hope that my reviews and recommendations will be of interest. For the enthusiast, please let me know what you’re reading. I’m always looking for something new myself so it will be great to hear from you.

One last thing before I go. I’m never going to judge someone for what they read. If I see you with a book that has a movie cover on it, I’m going to hug you just for reading. An example of this is my good friend Richard. Our tastes in books could not be more different. We’ve debated long and hard over books that he’s loved and I’ve passionately hated. But the fact I have someone I can talk to about books with that much vigor makes me smile.

This is one of the reasons I started this. Many of you will have seen the Guardians article about Sir Terry Pratchett. A critic who had never read one of Sir Terry’s novels decided to criticize them and asked the public to read more intellectual authors like Gabriel García Márquez. The article infuriated me. Not because the critic had the gall and short mindedness  to criticize work that he hadn’t read, but because he forgot that literature is subjective. If we all liked the same books the world would be horrifically boring. I’ve read the Discworld and I’ve read 100 years of solitude. I’ve journeyed to Rivendell and dined at Mansfield Park. Hogwarts was my home as much as fair Verona. If you disagree with my review then let me know. If you recommend something to me an I don’t like it then don’t judge. I won’t.

I’ll be publishing reviews and thoughts as often as I can. Also, many friends and fellow readers have kindly submitted their thoughts on books they’ve read so it won’t be just me babbling away at you. If you would like to write one yourself then please leave a comment and I’ll happily look through it.

Thank you for stopping by and happy reading.



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