MC’s Reviews – All the Birds in the Sky

Today’s review is written by Marie Charlotte Rouzier.

Feed me cotton candy with your mouth, a review of All the birds in the sky, a novel by Charlie Jane Anders

The book has all the ingredients to make me happy: a witch, a nerd, sex and a reference to my favorite band.

I bought the book online because I was bored and the title was very similar to the one I was then reading – as suggested by the host of this blog – All the light we cannot see – and that I yet have to finish – which says a lot but in the same time, not really. I’m just not in a drama mood.

All the birds in the sky is not a bout drama.

All the birds in the sky is about nerds talking about technology and digital tools that do not even exist yet… and that got me excited. Then comes the love/ sex story, which is depicted in a nerdy way, which makes it simply fantastic.

So ok, you need to get high on hot chocolate and sugar loaded soda before starting the novel. It transports you in is so-close-yet-so-far world. It’s like eating yogurt with closed eyes, assuming it will be raspberry flavor and ends up being chocolate. Your taste buds are confused and so is your sense of smelling. Go figure.

The main plot subdivides in several branches that are not always easy to hang on to but still carry you back to the ground in the end (or the top, depending on your personal style of literature orgasm).

The climax answers another question that haunts millennials and could give you food for thoughts. Or not.

With All the birds in the sky, you are in for the ride and not the destination.  So enjoy it like you do your indulgent Ben & Jerry’s yearly purchase.


Ps: If you too have this band as a favorite, please get in touch, our kin is slowly disappearing.


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