Vickie’s Reviews – Feist, Fallon and Fantasy


Victoria Browning is an English Teacher who loves Doctor Who, Harry Potter and all things Marvel. She’s currently trying to read 100 books in 6 weeks and took time out of this challenge to write us a review.

Like a lot of people, I treat recommendations in the same way I treat rumours…

Their credibility relies on who it came from, what mood I’m in and shamefully – what else I’ve heard about it.

When a dear friend of mine recommended Jennifer Fallon whilst I was living in Australia, I’m loathe to admit that I absolutely judged a book by its cover.

The Hythrun Chronicles were adorned with covers that seem to be the norm in the fantasy genre; muscular heroes, mythical creatures, picturesque landscapes (particularly sweeping mountain ranges or a vast wilderness) and fonts that always remind me of eighties classic films.

This occurred more than once when I was also ‘gently’ shoved into Raymond E Feist’s Riftwar Saga. When a group of friends I thought communicated through swearing and survived on beers and Maccas began to passionately discuss the phenomenal impact these books had had on them – I knew I had to educate myself.

When I was finally coerced into giving Fallon a try…I never looked back.

Having now devoured The Hythrun Chronicles, Second Sons and Rift Runners before I departed the continent, I was thrilled to recently discover a series of hers that I had previously been oblivious to: The Tide Lords.

It has all your classic fantastical elements including unknown worlds, a complicated hierarchy of gods, myths and legends and wonderfully supportable protagonists that you can’t help but root for along the way.

(Warning: your allegiances MAY change throughout!)

The story is based around the effects of a occurrence known as the Tide, a source of elemental power than can be wielded by a select group of immortals known as the Tide Lords, on the world of Amyrantha. Much like the oceanic tide, this ‘magical’ tide drifts in and out throughout Amyrantha’s history, usually accompanied by the tantrums – or cataclysms – of the warring Immortals.

With a healthy dose of adventure, theological commentary and themes that Fallon has proved to excel at such as political power struggles and dysfunctional social structures the Tide Lords was another fantasy series that I was thrilled to add to my ‘finished’ pile of books.

With the popularity of the fantasy genre making a phenomenal, if not a comeback then definitely a re-emergence into ‘mainstream literature’, I’d highly recommend adventurers to wander off the obvious paths and allow themselves to discover the plethora of worlds out there.


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