MC’s Reviews – Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard – Teenage Love Vs Adult Stabbing, A Lesson

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Last night I dreamt of my first love, the one that stole my 14 year-old heart. That’s what Red Queen does to you: it reminds you what you felt at that moment in your life. And it shows you how you snapped out of it and why you are the boring loveless adult you are now. I would describe myself as extremely sensitive and yet I had completely forgotten the sensation of young, raw passion. As disheartening at it may be, the more than excellent plot twists your feelings out of your head to keep you focused on what really matters: what the hell is going to happen to our heroine ?

Our female heroin, Mare is a perfect blend of flaws and qualities and unlike many other millennial inspired heroines, her feelings make sense and we can relate to them. She is a coward at times, stupid at times and makes the mistakes we would all make. Yes you could conclude that I’m a stupid coward who makes mistakes. Point taken…

I bought the book on Monday morning and finished it last night, Wednesday – and I need to highlight here that I have a full-time job, almost fulfilling hobbies and a jet black social life. The quality of the writing is excellent: nothing interrupts the flow of the narration. Maybe a few too many “in her head” comments – narration is first person so we do spend a lot of time listening to what happens in the heroine’s head, which can be quite annoying in high-speed action (of which there is plenty). And the archenemy is a total b*** as, it’s almost too good to be true.

There’s not much more I want to add, because I have just downloaded the sequel – Glass Sword – and just cannot wait to be done with this article to get back to my book.

See y’all



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